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Joey DeFrancesco & Bye Bye Blackbird

Recorded in 2001, drummer unknown.

Some distortion with the lower notes, but more than worth it for having a full keyboard view of Joey going at it. I’m still marvelling at how he keeps the bassline up with the left hand (and some pedal combination?), as if there were a bassist there.

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Parasitizing YouTube and guest posting on BoFN for more than a decade.

2 responses to “Joey DeFrancesco & Bye Bye Blackbird

  1. Liz


    (seems a lame comment after the awesomeness you bring to BoFN posts)

    you must be feeling jazzy as of late.

    • wdydfae

      Hi Liz! Thanks!

      I’m getting so many hits for the Kyary “Mottai Nai” post over the past weeks–some days have even rivalled BoFN hits, and that’s unusual, trust me. But those folks not interested in my jazz AT ALL … Anyway, I had another Kyary CM post lined up to pander to that crowd, but there was something in the content of the CM (I am sure inadvertent) that I had misgivings about. So, it’s in cold storage until I resolve one way or another.

      In the meantime, nothing has come up to parasitize. The humor I’ve seen is too tasteless or gross. Honest Trailers is almost like cheating. And after that . . . I’m at a loss.

      In short, I’m not so much being in a “jazzy mood” as just falling back into default jazz mode.

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