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Sunday Music & Angel Cricket Chorus

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me this is an elaborate Internet hoax, but until then, let’s say today’s musical offering comes from nature!

There are two tracks overlaid here. One is the normal sound of crickets. The other is cricket chirping slowed down to what it would be if the lifespan of a cricket were the same as the lifespan of a human being. Which makes them sound amazingly like a human choir! The cricket chorus is in our familiar diatonic scale system (as in do re mi fa so la ti do–but in this case the key is D# major) and the crickets continuously produce what seem to be two major chords (D# and G#), with melody and other bursts of bass and soprano along the way. Oddly similar to Tchaikovsky’s Hymn of the Cherubim last Sunday.

2 responses to “Sunday Music & Angel Cricket Chorus

  1. Liz

    cracking me up as my oldest feeds crickets to her gecko and I hate those little things. Sometimes they escape and they’re so little and creepy. Don’t belong in a house anyway. Will have nightmares tonight, diddy, so thanks for that 😉

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