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6 responses to “Irrefutable Proof That Santa Is Odin

  1. Liz

    don’t know that he necessarily has a dark side or skeletons in his closet (though perhaps he does? dunno), but have never been a fan of the man in the red suit. Total lie we make up so the kids are happy. (though based on a real guy, I know) And excuse me while I get preachy, but folks see him and think of what he’s going to bring them and that’s just not was the Christmas season is about. Am I right or am I right? 😉

    • wdydfae

      Well, when you put it like that . . .

      I’ve been pretty neutral on Santa, but I can’t remember ever getting excited about the big guy, though there must have been a time.

      The stern, demystifying Liz! This is a side of you I haven’t seen much of.

      I think I like it!

      • Liz

        Just trips my trigger that Christmas is so materialistic. It started with a baby being born in a stable for Heaven’s sake (bahahaha–religious pun) but now it’s all about retail and commerce. Grrrr….

        You like stern and demystifying? I got stern down pat–just ask my kids. And my husband might go so far as to say I can be an out-and-out bee-yatch. Save the bad stuff for family.

      • wdydfae

        I’ve never heard “trips my trigger” before. For that matter, I’ve never heard “out-and-out bee-yatch” either (which I assume is a metaphor for angry bees furiously buzzing out of the hatch of their thatched bee hutch).

        Well, it’s hard to disentangle. I live in a place that gets way enthusiastic about an almost completely secularized Christmas. The city lights. Christmas food (albeit, highly adapted). The music. The mood. (Tatsuro Yamashita’s song “Christmas Eve” linked below perfectly captures Japanese Christmas.) In an offhand way, it surprises me that a culture without a large Christian background should care at all, which makes me wonder if some grace is involved. I can’t put it down to crass materialism, because Christmas gift giving is very subdued. If it’s done at all, kids basically get one present, and not a terribly extravagant one. So it doesn’t approach the out of bounds materialism of US Christmas. The holiday (not even an official holiday) is primarily for kids and young people, especially young couples. (To be without a date on Christmas Eve is considered to be a bummer.) It’s just interesting seeing how it plays out in a different culture.

  2. Liz

    being Americentric and all, I never considered that Christmas might be handled differently elsewhere. Appreciate the perspective.

    And yes, bee-yatch is all about the angry bees buzzing out of a hatch-equipped hives. You totally knew what I meant.

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