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!Happy Festivus!

I almost forgot about Festivus. But I didn’t!


10 responses to “!Happy Festivus!

  1. Dave ⋅

    Reading about Festivus reminds me of this odd little number some old musician friends from high school threw together about 8 years ago. It’s totally weird, but a bit of an earworm:

  2. Liz

    never got into Seinfeld, which I think makes me the only one on the planet. saw a few mentions of festivus this year and had no idea what it was or that it was started by a Seinfeld guy. Crazy! You’re still edutaining me, Mr. Whuh Diddy Fay. Thanks for that.

    • wdydfae

      Whenever there’s a spike up in the views per hour bars, I know it’s either a Pamyulanche or Liz dropping by! The latter’s always a more welcome possibility, because the Kyaryan hordes are a harsh, uncaring lot.

      You do realize that you are the one who coined “Diddy” don’t you? Are you gonna take up Whuh Diddy Fay over your own coinage?!?

      • Liz

        Didn’t Dave do Diddy? (haha, you know I didn’t mean it THAT way)

      • wdydfae

        Of course not. I know Liz would be the last person in the world to plant freakily suggestive, shudder incuding, yet stubbornly ineradicable images in our brains.

        No, Dave did P*ssy Ri*t. You did Diddy.

        It’s etched for eternity in the Urban Shocker thread, I think.

      • Liz

        Oh dear. Just don’t tell my husband. He warned me about these online s*x scandals.

        I was wondering about (King) Dave’s PR line. Still don’t know where that asterisk goes.

      • wdydfae

        Everyb*dy’s wonder*ng w*ere th*t a*terisk go*s.

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