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Christmas Eve BoFN Post

This time around, my every-four-weeks Tuesday stint at BoFN falls on Christmas Eve. Please check it out! The critics haven’t read it yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from weighing in (with a little, uh, pre-arranged pecuniary inducement):

“. . . a rollicking and rambunctious Christmas ramble . . .”

“. . . terrific fun . . .”

“. . . a deeply affecting tale of personal transformation and redemption . . .”

“. . . these note perfect tropes and rhymes pay the ultimate homage to the Doctor’s immortal children’s classic . . .”

“. . . awkward, embarassing, painfully off-key . . .”

“. . . some projects should never have been attempted, others should never have been conceived, and Mr. Whuh Diddy Fay’s latest falls regretfully into the latter category . . .”

[Edit: Whoa. As for you last two “critics,” hey, sorry if those checks bounce! Due diligence is a two way street, dudes.]

4 responses to “Christmas Eve BoFN Post

  1. Dave ⋅

    It’s brilliant!

  2. Liz

    love that you’ve reviewed your own work 🙂 Though if I’m not mistaken here, you are less kind with yourself than you are with other bloggers. ???? Though that’s part of why we love you (yes, Mr. Grinch–we looooovvvvveee you 😉 )–you can laugh at yourself. And I’m totally on board with “Mr. Whuh Diddy Fay.” This I like. So formal!

    Will second my comments at BoFN–most excellent post.

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