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Oh No I Don’t Believe It & Frank Zappa

From Weasles Ripped My Flesh (1970).

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals), Ray Collins (vocals), Lowell George (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ian Underwood (alto saxophone), Roy Estrada (bass guitar, vocals), Don Preston (keyboards, electronics), Jimmy Carl Black (drums). Zappa has these moments of dazzling beauty, and eight times out of ten he has to throw in some freaky element, as if he’s seriously disconcerted that so much beauty accidentally popped out.


3 responses to “Oh No I Don’t Believe It & Frank Zappa

  1. Liz

    you’re so right, Mr. Diddy–funny names do turn up when you look for them under peapods, etc. Enjoyed Frank’s music, but also immediately thought of his daughter. Her full name makes her prime pickings for BoFN. If she hasn’t already been written up, she’s all yours as I’m committed to only food-related names. 😀

    • wdydfae

      And the son, too! The Zappa kids are indeed not taken and I had a mind to do that for a while, though I got something else lined up for Jan. and if someone gets to it before me, no prob. I would personally love to see Liz take on the Zappa kids. And there’s always a food connection somewhere, as you’ve shown again and again.

      • Liz

        ah yes, dweezil. My memory is poor. I could connect Moon Unit with Clark Griswold as she was in a Vacation movie, and Clark drank eggnog in the Christmas Vacation movie, so there you have it–food connection! Though I’m passing on the Zappas for now. But grudgingly will say it’s true: The more you hunt funny names, the more you find funny names. Go figure.

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