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Zappa & Filthy Habits

From Sleep Dirt (1979).

The Zappa restrospective continues unabated, and even for this formerly devout Zappa fan it’s turning out a lot better than I expected. Frank Zappa (guitar, keyboards), Dave Parlato (bass), Terry Bozzio (drums). I used to think this cut was the sound of desolation, and I guess I still do. But wow, what guitar work. And what a brilliant multitrack creation: Zappa is doing all the guitars (often overdubbed backwards), plus keyboards. The time signiature is 5/4.

I used to have this on vinyl. The whole album holds up really well. In fact, it would be more accurate to say it has aged really well, and is actually better now than I remember it. I have to bump this one to the top of the re-acquire list.


3 responses to “Zappa & Filthy Habits

  1. Liz

    you’re on a Zappa kick! there are worse things 🙂

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