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Celebrating a Year of Youtube Parasitization

Yes, good readers, this blog was launched one year ago my time, January 31, 2013.


That this blog exists at all is due to the inspiration and encouragement of Nightskyradio. Since inauguration, I’ve put up a lot of music that I like and humor that made me laugh, posted some second rate photos, avoided pretty much all political, cultural and sectarian discussion, offered up some occasional, indirect faith based posts that probably constitute some of the most wussy-assed “witnessing” to appear since the Good Lord issued the Great Commission, and above all else met some fascinating and incredibly nice people. I’m not quite sure what else I’ve accomplished here . . . except attract an unexpectedly large number of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fanatics, from every corner of the earth.

(wdydfae trivia: 80-90% of the hits at this place are for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu posts. Yet 90-95% of the likes, comments, and subscriptions are from people who who have almost no interest in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and come by for the regular fare, which is mostly jazz and fusion. How to make sense of this data?)

To mark this one year blogiversary, I’m actually going to be pulling back a bit on blogging, and reassessing what place it has, or should have, in my life. I’ll also maintain my monthly posting privileges over at the Blog of Funny Names (look for the next post there on 2/18). In fact, getting on that feisty crew may be my single most unexpected achievement in the blog world.

I very much appreciate everyone who’s come by, including especially commenters, likers, and subscribers. (That anyone would subscribe to me is something I cannot yet wrap my head around.) And, of course, the unnamed hordes of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans!

I hope I have given you some laughs and good tunes. There may be more to come after I re-calibrate.


6 responses to “Celebrating a Year of Youtube Parasitization

  1. Sis ⋅


  2. Liz

    Happy blogiversary toooo you, Happy blogiversary to youuuu, Happy blogiverrrrrsarrrry dear didddddddyyyyyyyy, Happy blogiversary toooo youuuuu… 🙂

    What a pleasure it’s been to meet you, kind sir. You’re always full of surprises and then there’s that bit of mischief. Am proud and honored to call you friend. (can I call you friend? don’t mean to presume 😉 )

    Enjoyed your reflection here. Funny about your fans and Kyary’s fans, etc. End of the day, a blog is a personal thing, so it’s whatever makes you happy.

    Hadn’t realized you’d been at this a year. So very glad our paths crossed.

  3. Holy crap! Sorry I missed this. I remember seeing the post immediately before it, though (it’s been an unusually busy week), so I was razor-close. [ /end lame excuses ]

    Congratulations to you sir. Happy anniversary. You’ve introduced me to some excellent stuff I never knew about. And Kyary, heh.

    Keep on posting. I think this has done some small amount of good for ya. Or at least for some of us.

    • wdydfae

      Hey, thanks! For everything!

      I figured (correctly, I think!) that you were going to be grooving on the married bliss these past several months rather than idling away the hours with blog browsing. And that’s the way it should be!

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