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Bodacious Boldness Brimming at BoFN

In my monthly stints at The Blog of Funny Names, I think I’ve done just about everything to try to impress the big kids over there. Music. More music. Psychological attention tests. Anthropology. Purple prose. Public service spots. Poetry! Uh, movies? . . .

Yeah, I did just about everything. Everything except actually generate some traffic, that is. Views for my posts over there generally get a modest initial dribble, then invariably settle down into a long drought with sporadic drips.

But that’s about to change, my fine funny name friendz.

With today’s contribution you’re gonna finally see that I’m not just some weird, geeky type induhvidyool.

Oh, no. I’m a playa, see? I’m one bad-acid mojo mopho.

Oh, yeah. I’m gonna generate some hits. And I’m gonna get um right now. And then those views are gonna keep coming. And then more. And more. And one month later they’re still gonna be poppin’ up those little views per hour bars.

And you’re all gonna say, whoooooooaaaaaa! Who exactly is that wild, woozy wizard of words? And how on earth did he do that?

And then I’m gonna set my hat in place, straighten my lapels, adjust my sunglasses, take the toothpick out of my teeth and say, Heed me and behold, O ye collegiate colleagues of mine, for it is no mystery. I did it the only way I know how.

Kyary blogging!!!!

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Parasitizing YouTube and guest posting on BoFN for more than a decade.

5 responses to “Bodacious Boldness Brimming at BoFN

  1. Liz

    so now I finally have a visual: hat, lapels, sunglasses, toothpick. Never once doubted that you were a wild, woozy wizard of words.

    It’s quality, not quantity, buddy. Don’t you forget that. And you my friend, are a Quality blogger.

  2. amb

    That post title is one of the best you’ve come up with yet! I love it!! We need to bring “bodacious” back, for sure.

    • wdydfae

      You’re very gracious about the bodacious.

      Alas, my bid to attract a swarm of Kyary fans over to BoFN and pump up my numbers did not pan out!

      So I guess my bodacious boldness bombed badly!

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