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Sunday Music & Lonesome Valley

Lloyd Vivola put this up, after recording it on his own. He tells the story here:

Appalachian gospel tune that endures in many versions under various titles. I must say that I have a soft-spot for much old-time American music, religious or otherwise, and how it can evolve over time. In August of 2011, while hunkering down and awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene, I decided to arrange this three-voice rendition of “Lonesome Valley”. Armed with trusty guitar, hoarse voice, hand-held recorder, and half-full ( when I began ) bottle of wine, I played each previous track through the lap-top computer while putting down a new one live. Sans mixing board. The result was no small miracle. And much fun! All before the wind and rain came calling.


2 responses to “Sunday Music & Lonesome Valley

  1. I’ve never heard that version before. I love it.

    Clearly he is a story teller in his own right by the description of how the recording came to be.

    Welcome back. 🙂

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