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Consummation & Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra

From Consumation (1970). Great album.

Thad Jones (flugelhorn, composer, arranger, bandleader), Snooky Young, Danny Moore, Al Porcino, Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Eddie Bert, Benny Powell, Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Cliff Heather (bass trombone), Jerome Richardson (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, alto flute), Jerry Dodgion (alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, alto flute), Billy Harper (tenor saxophone, flute), Eddie Daniels (tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute), Richie Kamuca (baritone saxophone), Roland Hanna (keyboards), Richard Davis (bass), Mel Lewis (drums), Jimmy Buffington, Earl Chapin, Dick Berg, Julius Watkins (french horn), Howard Johnson (tuba). Thanks to Youtuber Florian Meier.


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