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Capsule & Control

Can you guess which is the name of the song and which is the name of the band?

The band belongs to Yasutaka Nakata, who also produces and writes for Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It’s really striking how the “techno” music of each singer/group has a completely distinctive texture, though it’s all written by the same guy. Nakata’s the one who slowly turned me around on the techno genre, where instead of headache-inducing club music I could start to see it as a world of unlimited and mostly untapped possibility.


4 responses to “Capsule & Control

  1. Dave ⋅

    I’m going to guess that “Capsule” is the name of both the song and the band. Given that nobody else has guessed yet, that will make me the most correct person here and thus, the “winner”? It’s funny I thought that through and wrote about it instead of using Google or just looking at the related post where you said “World of fantasy & Capsule”. C’est la vie 🙂

    • wdydfae

      Hey, Dave!

      Well if Capsule was the name of the band and the song, then what was “Control” the name of?

      • Dave ⋅

        Let’s go with “the song”, for $200, Diddy!

      • wdydfae

        OK, you win your $200. You want that in bold or italics?

        I swear, Dave, you are approaching Amb levels (or former Amb levels) of Internet involvement. Is it because you don’t have to study for med school anymore?

        You may have to cut this out when you start anatomy class.

        (Get it? Cut this out? Anatomy class?)

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