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Sunday Music & Syriac Aramaic Orthodox Hymn & Haw Nurone

Syriac Aramaic Orthodox Hymn – Haw Nurone – ترتيلة سريانية أرثوذكسية

Images mostly from Lebanon. Remember the persecuted not so far away, in that very troubled part of the world.

The Lord whom the seraphs and cherubs are afraid to behold, In wine and bread, is made manifest, to the faithful on the altar.

The burning ranks of angels are inflamed of His brilliance, if they see Him. Yet the contemptible mortals in confidence receive Him.

The Son’s Mysteries are fire among the heavenly beings. Isaiah bears witness, with us, to have beheld them.

These Mysteries, once in the Divinity’s bosom, are being distributed among Adam’s sons on this altar.

The altar is fashioned like the chariot of the cherubim. And is surrounded by multitudes of the heavenly hosts. On this altar is laid the Body of God’s Son and Adam’s children in their hands administer It. Instead of a man clad in silk, stands the (priest), and distributes alms among the needy. If envy existed among the angels the cherubim would envy human beings.

Where Zion set up the Cross to crucify the Son, there grew up the tree which gave birth to the Lamb.

Where the nails were firmly driven in the Son’s hands, there Isaac’s hands were bound for an offering. Welcome priest who carries his Lord’s Mysteries, and with thy right hand, life is given to mankind.

Welcome priest who bears the pure censer, and with its fragrance makes the whole world sweet and pleasant.

Welcome priest whom the Holy Spirit did raise up, and upon his tongue bears the keys of the House of God.

Welcome priest who binds man on earth below, and the Lord binds him in heaven above, halleluiah.

Welcome priest who unbinds man on earth, and the Lord unbinds him in the highest. Kyrie-eleison.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on this third stone from the sun, it’s the third installment of Nightskyradio’s 2014 Rocktober Countdown!!!!!!!!! There we find an indeterminate answer to the question we never really thought of asking, but should have: does the universe sound creepy, or hauntingly beautiful?

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