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Advent Reblog & Mariah Carey & O Holy Night

Recorded in LA (2000) I think.

This is the best rendition of O Holy Night that I know. The studio version on Mariah’s classic Christmas album (1994) is also great, but this one has some additional touches (i.e. the organ, and a bigger role for the choir) and is even better. Also, great live Gospel energy.


14 responses to “Advent Reblog & Mariah Carey & O Holy Night

  1. Vintage Christmas performance for my Long Island girl, Diddy. The camera work hits me just right, too. O, I raised my hands to testify with all these beautiful people.

  2. Reblogged this on Mark Bialczak and commented:
    My Blog of Funny Names colleague Diddy presented me the perfect post to reblog to feed the Christmas song jones today, with his discovery of the live gospel church clip of Mariah and “O Holy Night.” Celebrate.

  3. Cheney

    I think the best thing Mariah Carey ever did was her Christmas music. I think she also has the best version of All I Want For Xmas is You. ICONIC.

  4. Mark sent me over! Hair rising and chill provoking. Love her and this. 🙂

    • wdydfae

      Thanks for coming over and for the comment, BHC! I haven’t even been to Mark’s place yet–shame on me. We know each other from our Blog of Funny Names alliance.

      Yeah, the high note she hits at the climax of this gets me every time.

  5. Went over there to check it out. LOVE IT! All the hairs in my body stood up at once! 🙂

  6. kerbey

    Well, she certainly hit that “di-VINE.”

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