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A Remark You Made & Jaco Tribute Cover

From the tribute album to Jaco Pastorius, Who Loves You? (2000).

Bill Evans–no not THAT Bill Evans–(tenor sax), Mike Stern (guitar), Gil Goldstein (keyboards, accordion), Mark Egan (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), Don Alias (percussion), Kevin DiSimone (additional keyboards). This fantastic and little known tribute album was made mostly by musicians who played with Jaco. There’s another, even better tribute album out there called Word of Mouth Revisited (2003) which is a tribute to Jaco’s big band music, and features about 10 giants of the bass who were deeply influenced by Jaco, each one doing homage to the man that reshaped the bass and reshaped music. I’m going to posting from that album sometime soon. Both of these splendid albums were sitting in the discount bin at a used CD place.


5 responses to “A Remark You Made & Jaco Tribute Cover

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  2. Very nice. I’m just catching up on the back log. But I really enjoyed this one. 🙂

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