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Hendrix & Red House Belated Blogiversary

I think this is from Smash Hits, the US release (1969). Jimi Hendrix (guitar), Mitch Mitchell (drums), Noel Redding (bass).

UPDATE: The original video is no longer available, so I updated “Red House” to a live version (Stockholm, 1969).

Incidentally, while I was away I got a Blogiversary notice. Two years, good visitors!

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I tip my blogger cap as usual to Nightskyradio, my blog mentor.

14 responses to “Hendrix & Red House Belated Blogiversary

  1. Happy daze and happy days, Diddy.

  2. Happy 2 years, sir!

    Thanks for the show tout.

  3. Dave ⋅

    Congrats Diddy!! 2 years is no small feat! The first song I ever learned in full on the guitar was Purple Haze, and I remember spending many hours slaving over a tablature book trying to learn Little Wing (although I only made it about halfway through the song… what an incredibly difficult one to play!)

    • wdydfae

      Thanks, Dave! That’s impressive! I love Little Wing, and most Hendrix Songs. I have a weak spot for the long jams. Did you ever hear Bill Cosby’s version of Purple Haze? It’s like a pre Al Yankovic Al Yankovic!

  4. Zippy

    You’ve probably seen this tribute:

  5. Happy belated blogiversary!

    My better half and I were in Seattle last weekend and visited a few of Jimmy’s old haunts. And a couple of statues in his honor.

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