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Sunday Music & Tallis & If Ye Love Me

Meanwhile, in a most awkward segue from the holy to the most uncanny and profane, my blog mentor NSR has kicked off his third annual Friday night Halloween ROCKTOBER COUNTDOWN, COUNTDOWN, OUNTDOWN, Ountdown, ountdown, ountdown, ountdown . . .

As always, I am compelled link to it according to the terms of an uholy pact sealed long ago with drops of my own blood. But, due to an oversight, I am at liberty to warn you, honest reader, from imperiling your soul. Do not go there, friends!

I haven’t shifted into all saints/all souls mode yet, but NSR has moved into his 2nd rockin’ Rocktober week here.

NSR is going all out this Rocktober weekend with J specialty ensembles. All new to me!

Neither Vanilla Ice nor Vanilla Sky but Vanilla Mood.

And the note perfect cover band Steely Shodan.

And in the process, uncovering priceless early 80s J-Pop lore.

2 responses to “Sunday Music & Tallis & If Ye Love Me

  1. Well, I’ll certainly avoid it.

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