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Nao Matsuzaki & Kawaberi no Ie

Nao Matsuzaki’s “Kawaberi no Ie” (house next to a river) is a single from 2006 but seems to have been re-released on some of her albums. It made an impression on me as the theme music for a weekly documentary program on NHK, so I hunted it down for the listening pleasure of my 2 1/2 readers.

This seems like the sound sincerity would make if it could make a sound. You can see Nao’s official site here. Meanwhile, the scenes the Youtuber films are from Shibuya in Tokyo. Buy here.


11 responses to “Nao Matsuzaki & Kawaberi no Ie

  1. Not available in my country.

  2. wdydfae

    She sings it live here from 21:40:

  3. This one certainly is a challenge to listen to. When I tried the Tokyo train version, one of my cats started howling. I’ll have to wait until he’s asleep somewhere else.

    So how do we know if we a a full listener or a 1/2 listener? I suspect I’m a 1/2 due to my delayed listening schedule.

  4. Nicolas ⋅

    Thanks for this post! I landed on it after watching an episode of Document 72 Hours and googling Nao, and the song made the exact same impression on me that it did on you.

    Tragically, the only version of Kawaberi no Ie on Spotify in the US is a pretty different version than the one featured on the show, but thanks to the YouTube video you found, I now have the full version to hear whenever I want. Thanks! 🙂

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