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Nao Matsuzaki & Kawaberi no Ie

Nao Matsuzaki’s “Kawaberi no Ie” (house next to a river) is a single from 2006 but seems to have been re-released on some of her albums. It made an impression on me as the theme music for a weekly documentary program on NHK, so I hunted it down for the listening pleasure of my 2 1/2 readers.

This seems like the sound sincerity would make if it could make a sound. You can see Nao’s official site here. Meanwhile, the scenes the Youtuber films are from Shibuya in Tokyo. Buy here.


9 responses to “Nao Matsuzaki & Kawaberi no Ie

  1. Not available in my country.

  2. wdydfae

    She sings it live here from 21:40:

  3. This one certainly is a challenge to listen to. When I tried the Tokyo train version, one of my cats started howling. I’ll have to wait until he’s asleep somewhere else.

    So how do we know if we a a full listener or a 1/2 listener? I suspect I’m a 1/2 due to my delayed listening schedule.

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