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Mannix Theme Song &

One of the notable and probably forgotten and underappreciated crime show theme songs. I was remembering it, then went to search the T’Oobs, which rarely disappoint. By Lalo Shifrin (of Mission Impossible and Dirty Harry fame, to name just a few). I always considered this close to the Ironside and Hawaii 5-0 level of big band theme songs. And don’t forget Kojak!



3 responses to “Mannix Theme Song &

  1. Now that brings back some memories. And so did your walk down “vintage” TV show titles. 🙂

    • wdydfae

      You remember Mannix? Yea! Were you a Kojak fan like me?

      Mad Magazine had a cartoon parody of Mannix called “Manic.” One of the parody points was that Mannix’s love interest always got killed. In one frame they had a graveyard with a headstone marked “Reserved for Manic’s next girlfriend.”

      • LOL. I wish I would have seen that. I was in Hawaii back in ’78 and got to tour Jack Lord’s mansion. Pineapple fields surrounded the place. It was so cool, except it was 80 degrees outside at the time.

        I remember Alfred E. Neumann with fondness.

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