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4 responses to “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today & Easter Music

  1. Liz

    Love it! We went to the contemporary service, per usual, and while that usually works (my youngest – age 12 – couldn’t sit still or be quiet to save her life, so it never works to sit in a more quiet traditional service), I really missed the old-school Easter hymns this year. There’s something about Hallelujah Chorus, He is Risen, etc etc on Easter morning. Hope you had a lovely Easter 🙂

    • wdydfae

      Thanks, Liz. Happy Easter! For me it was a High Mass, slightly bilingual but 80% non-English, crowded, and one or two bawling babes but no one cared. Palm Sunday was good, too (while staying in another city).

      • Liz

        Where on earth are you going to church? High Mass is a wow. I mean it’s a Wow.

      • wdydfae

        High Mass is definitely awesome. It’s not like every week. (Shouldn’t be hard to find one on Christmas or Easter–seems like the rule rather than the exception.) I’m like a mass gypsy (sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes still another place) but this was my parish church where I was baptized and confirmed, a big congregation. It usually holds 5 separate weekend masses (including one casual style English language only mass–but that one is not on Easter, when they’re combined). Palm Sunday was at an historical church in a different city, also high mass, with palm branches, procession, incense, the whole deal. I didn’t know anyone there. I actually tend to prefer the out of the way, oddly scheduled masses on Saturday, where there are only a few people.

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