Consecration Day 20 & Grateful Dead & St. Stephen

St. Stephen, from Aoxomoxoa (1969). Tom Constanten (keyboards, production, arrangements), Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals), Mickey Hart (drums, percussion), Bill Kreutzmann (drums, percussion), Phil Lesh (bass guitar, vocals), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (keyboards, percussion),
Bob Weir (guitar, vocals). I guessed 1969 for this. Bingo!

This is the 20th Day and start of the penultimate week leading up to Total Consecration. The theme for the week is Knowledge of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Text for today is here. Video is here:


Hendrix & Red House Belated Blogiversary

I think this is from Smash Hits, the US release (1969). Jimi Hendrix (guitar), Mitch Mitchell (drums), Noel Redding (bass).

UPDATE: The original video is no longer available, so I updated “Red House” to a live version (Stockholm, 1969).

Incidentally, while I was away I got a Blogiversary notice. Two years, good visitors!

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I tip my blogger cap as usual to Nightskyradio, my blog mentor.

& Dark Star & Grateful Dead &

From Live Dead (1969).

Lately I’ve really been getting into this cut for the long commutes, and hit the back button for it a lot for replay. There are depths and layers to this thing. It’s a very, very long jam. But one of the very, very best of the very, very long jams.

Jerry Garcia (lead guitar), Mickey Hart (drums, percussion), Bill Kreutzmann (drums, percussion), Phil Lesh (bass), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (organ?), and Bob Weir (guitar). Lyrics by Robert Hunter. Now, some Deadhead please help me out here. Is it Jerry Garcia doing the lead vocals, and who is actually playing the organ? The material out there is kinda unclear on the exact personnel for this cut.