Sunday Music & God Moves on the Water & Blind Willie Johnson


Butterfield Blues Band & Driftin’ Blues

At the Monterey Pop Festival (1967).

Don’t know who’s playing brass, but the core band is Paul Butterfield (vocals, harp), Elvin Bishop (guitar), Mike Bloomfield (guitar), Mark Naftalin (keyboard), Jerome Arnold (bass) and Sam Lay (drums). My only complaint is that the harp isn’t close enough to the mike.

And that the festival particpants don’t seem to be . . . quite in their right mind.

But let’s not speak disrespectfully of grandma and grandpa.

Oscar Peterson & Sandy’s Blues & Transcription

From The Way I Really Play (1968) with Sam Jones (bass) and Bobby Durham (drums). Sorry, in this theme, I lose the apostrophe in “Sandy’s Blues” in the title.

I’m tripping out majorly on these jazz transcriptions, courtesy of Youtuber Kyoushinsha. Apparently Kyoushinsha actually does these, from the recordings (doesn’t just put up bars from published manuscripts of jazz improvisations, which is what I thought at first). I assume there must be some heavy duty software involved in this process, but still . . . What fantastic work.