Sunday Music & Lonesome Valley

Lloyd Vivola put this up, after recording it on his own. He tells the story here:

Appalachian gospel tune that endures in many versions under various titles. I must say that I have a soft-spot for much old-time American music, religious or otherwise, and how it can evolve over time. In August of 2011, while hunkering down and awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene, I decided to arrange this three-voice rendition of “Lonesome Valley”. Armed with trusty guitar, hoarse voice, hand-held recorder, and half-full ( when I began ) bottle of wine, I played each previous track through the lap-top computer while putting down a new one live. Sans mixing board. The result was no small miracle. And much fun! All before the wind and rain came calling.

Grateful Dead & Uncle John’s Band

From Workingman’s Dead (1970).

Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals), Bob Weir (guitar, vocals), Pigpen (Ron McKernan) (vocals), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart (drums).

wdydfae will be away from the keyboard for a little stretch. But the Sunday music is on autopilot and will appear as usual.