Pat Metheny Trio & Day Trip, Police People

Pat Metheny (guitar), Scott Colley (bass), Antonio Sanchez (drums). Germany, 2006

John McLaughlin & Arjen’s Bag

From Extrapolation (1969).

John McLaughlin (guitar), Brian Odgers (bass), Tony Oxley (drums), John Surman (baritone saxophones). The time signature appears to be 11/8. This song came to be called “Follow Your Heart” and you can hear another version with that title and more of an all star cast (but also with McLaughlin) right here on this station.

Weather Report & Speechless

From Weather Report (1982), the other self-titled album.

I just got this album at a used place. It doesn’t rate super high compared to most other Weather Report work, perhaps for good reason, but I had been looking for it and I’m liking it fine as car music. Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Jaco Pastorius (bass), Wayne Shorter (sax), Peter Erskine (drums), Robert Thomas Jr. (percussion). Plus points for the album on the whole: Peter Erskine’s drums, the layered moods and grooves, Jaco. Minus: Joe Zawinul’s synthesizer dominates on this album; it does not always age so well, especially on solos, and sometimes sounds thin and nasal.