Goodbye to a Buddy

I’m still processing the loss of a buddy in my hometown, an unexpected and much too early thing. A lot of memories. A lot of “formative experiences” as they say, including road trips, camping, hiking, fishing, and late night hang outs with the rest of the crew.

But one of the earlier memories is that his mom had this iconic album, and we used to listen to it in Junior High School (?), especially that iconic track. We also used to stay up and hang out at his place around that time, to watch Carson’s Tonight Show.


Emily Remler & Catwalk

Emily Remler, whole album of Catwalk (1985).

Emily Remler (guitar), John D’Earth (trumpet), Eddie Gomez (bass), Bob Moses (drums, percussion). Even better than the ones I’ve been putting up the past few days, Firefly and Standards. It’s got to be due to the all-star ensemble, of course. Monster rhythm section brings out the monster chops from Emily. What a gem.

& R.I.P. McCoy Tyner &

R.I.P. McCoy Tyner (December 11, 1938 – March 6, 2020). From my treasured youthful vinyl collection: “Fly with the Wind” from the album by the same name (1976):

McCoy Tyner (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Billy Cobham (drums), Hubert Laws (flute, alto flute). Song and orchestral arrangements by McCoy Tyner.

“Newport Romp” from Live at Newport (1964).

McCoy Tyner (piano), Charlie Mariano (alto saxophone), Clark Terry (trumpet), Bob Cranshaw (bass), Mickey Roker (drums).