Flora Purim & Mountain Train

Over in his quadrant of cyberspace, my blogdaddy Nightskyradio has initiated his second annual Rocktober countdown!!!!!!!!!!!! with a new twist. Back over here, we have not shifted into Halloween mode yet, or even halfway out of our blog hiatus, but I do have a little music lined up which is also a blast from the past. This is a cut from Stories to Tell (1974), which I used to have on vinyl.

Flora Purim (lead vocals), Airto Moriera (percussion), George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer), Oscar Neves (acoustic guitar), King Errisson (congas), Ernie Hood (backing vocals, zither), Larry Dunlap (piano). Some time back, we featured one of the best ever versions of “How Insensitive” from that same album.

Chick Corea & Samba Song

Another amazingly good track from Friends (1978). With a great photo gallery of all the musicians, thanks to Youtube compiler Pampa777.

Chick Corea (piano), Joe Farrell (sax), Eddie Gomez (bass), Steve Gadd (drums). I haven’t followed Steve Gadd that much, but his drumming smokes all the way through this track, and especially from 8:15. Also, there’s some brilliant bass playing by Gomez from 4:49. I only know Eddie Gomez from his work with Bill Evans; subsequent work was a blank for me until I bumped into this album.

I don’t know why they had to give such a fantastic album such a dorky cover . . .

Chick Corea & Friends

From Friends (1978).

Chick Corea (keyboard), Joe Farrell (flute), Steve Gadd (drums), Eddie Gomez (bass). Never heard this before. The album cover has the Smurfs on it, which might explain why I never gave it a shot. But it’s got a nice steady latin groove and it floats along real good.

Al Di Meola Jam & Spain

A cool jam on the Chick Corea tune, in a loft with a fine bunch of musicians (in Russia?) that I don’t know.

Al Di Meola (guitar), Alexander Korogodin (piano), Alexander Murenko (drums), Konstantin Ionenko (bass), Gumbi Ortiz and Mixail Prib (percussion). Uploaded to Youtube by the piano player.