Yootniversity of Oob

Is there anything Yoot Oob can’t do? I’m ashamed to say that after all these years I still didn’t know how to use Excel, that is, until this weekend. This was getting more and more unsustainable. So I sat down and (instead of spending the same amount of time chasing down a bunch of music T’Oobs like a passive idiot) I went through the first five of this series of tutorials and learned how to use it, at least at a basic level. I know, I know. Everyone and his grandmother knows how to do this. But I didn’t. And there wasn’t anybody around to show me how.

Many thanks to Motion Training! I need to go on to the next set and also review a fair amount, but I learned quite a lot hands-on that I can already use.

If the video doesn’t show up, you can watch it here at the plaza de T’Oob.

Robi the Interactive Robot Companion

Nightsky has been writing about this, and as if to prove his point, here’s how it’s already starting to happen on a more mundane domestic level.

It’s a magazine ad. If you buy a magazine subscription you gradually get all the pieces to assemble your little robot, Robi, who reacts and interacts. Robi says “Hn?” when the cat walks by, “Welcome home,” “Sounds tough,” etc. He can walk and gesture and dance in a highly articulated way, and can function as a language activated tv remote.

The assembly will be complete after a little less than six years, for about $20 dollars a month, for a total of 70 months. Total cost is about $1,500.

This longer video has English captions and shows more function (like a language activated kitchen timer) and more interaction, including Robot-to-Robot interaction (with a vacuum cleaner). This one is so cute that I am definitely overdosing on cuteness.

(When Robi says, “I couldn’t wait to see you again” it’s a mistranslation. Robi actually says, “Busy day?”)