Bach & Sunday Music Christmas Oratorio

Now, just hold on there. This post is not like one of those Christmas trees that doesn’t get thrown away soon enough and sits there shedding dried up old needles past New Year’s Day. No, officially, Christmas keeps going until January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas. I’m in the clear. So, I offer you the first movement of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, which is not only still legit season-wise but also seems like an upbeat way to kick off our 2015 musical Sundays.

The Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists, directed by Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

It’s a Beautiful Day & White Bird

From It’s a Beautiful Day (1969).

Occassionally, the wdydfae revue goes through stretches where the 60s get upset at all the attention wdydfae has been giving the 70s. And then the 60s push back. Hard. That seems to what’s going on now. David LaFlamme (violin, lead vocals), Linda LaFlamme (keyboards), Hal Wagenet (guitar), Mitchell Holman (bass), Val Fuentes (drums), Pattie Santos (percussion, backing vocals). There’s a great instrumental segment from 3:23.