On Green Dolphin Street & Miles Davis Sextet

“On Green Dolphin Street,” from 58′ sessions featuring Stella by Starlight. Miles Davis (trumpet), Bill Evans (piano), John Coltrane (tenor sax), Julian “Cannonball” Adderly (contralto sax), Paul Chambers (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums). (Coltrane and Cannonball’s photos should be reversed for their respective solos.)

Consecration Day 32 & Evans and Hall & 600th Post

“Romain,” from Undercurrent (1962). Bill Evans (piano), Jim Hall (guitar).

32nd day of Consecration preparation, 6th day of the 12th month of the 15th year of the millennium, and the 600th post on this blog. It all has to mean something, I’m just not sure what . . .

Consecration text here. Video here: