Haydn & Gloria & Sunday Music

Gloria from Haydn’s Missa Brevis in B-flat major (also known as Missa Brevis of Saint John of God, and Little Organ Mass). Performers are unidentified.


O Theotokos Ever Vigilant in Prayer & Rachmaninov & Sunday Music

USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir, directed by Valeri Polyansky.

Neither the tomb, nor death could hold the Theotokos,
Who is ever-vigilant in prayer
and our firm hope in her intercessions.
For being the Mother of Life,
She was transmigrated to life
by the One who dwelt in her virginal womb.

Palestrina & Jesu, Rex Admirabilis & Sunday Music

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, “Jesu, rex admirabilis,” The Monteverdi Choir, directed by John Eliot Gardiner (2006), recorded in London, 2005.

Jesu, rex admirabilis
et triumphator nobilis,
dulcedo ineffabilis,
totus desiderabilis,

mane nobiscum, Domine,
et nos illustra lumine,
pulsa mentis caligine,
mundum reple ducedine.

Jesus, wondrous king
and noble conqueror,
ineffable delight,
wholly to be desired,

remain with us, Lord,
dispel the darkness of our minds
and enlighten us with your light,
fill the world with your sweetness.

& Sunday Music & Dufay & Kyrie & Blogiversary

Guillaume Dufay, “Kyrie” from Missa l’Homme Armé. Couldn’t find out who the performers are.

UPDATE: Reader Luís Henriques who is himself a singer, director and musicologist, informs me that the performance is by Jeremy Summerly’s Oxford Camerata. I tracked down the name on the T’Oobs and Luís appears to be totally right. (The Camerata’s performance of the whole Missa is here.)

Very impressive musical identification. Thanks, Luís!

Please check out Luís’ work, folks!

FURTHER UPDATE: WordPress informs me that it is my third blogiversary:

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