Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Family Party

This new Kyary song is also the ending theme for the new Crayon Shin Chan movie. You have to transfer over to Youtube to watch the video.

I can’t rank this song among my Kyary favorites, BUT it shows that she’s still got her head screwed on right (meaning, freakily askew) and is holding strong on the Kyaryan vision. I love the video. Special points for thematic use of cardboard, which for some reason is the strongest imaginative element here. Now, if only “Invader Invader” had had a video as good as this, I never would have gone through my dark period of Kyaryan doubt. As for the music, well, OK. You can’t really criticize it for sounding like computer game music, because it’s s’pozed to be computer game music.

We defer once more to Superhappyawesome to give us the translation of the lyrics, along with some good commentary. And we would be remiss not to include the Crayon Shin Chan dance cover version: