Jaco & Havona & 1975

I’m happy to stumble across this recording. Jaco Pastorius plays “Havona” in 1975, two years before it came out with Weather Report on Heavy Weather (1977). Alex Darqui (piano), Jaco Pastorius (fretless bass), and the incredible Lenny White (drums). Thanks for putting this up, E256JAZZ!

Buttery Buns & Mark Hartsuch & Mohini Dey

“Buttery Buns,” by Mark Hartsuch, to be on an upocoming album with Hartsuch and Mohini Dey.

Mark Hartsuch (alto/tenor/baritone sax), Mohini Dey (bass), Justin-lee Schultz (keyboard), Gino Banks (drums), Emmanuel Echem and Evan Taylor (trumpet), Ben Burget (mixing), David Donnelly/DNA (mastering).

Mohini Dey is a new discovery for me. Where has she been all my life? OK, wasn’t born yet. But still, funk/fusion was always my thing, and I kept wanting it to come back, but I didn’t expect it to come back like this! Good Lord. Who are these monster musicians!?!?

Allan Holdsworth & Looking Glass

Allan Holdsworth, “Looking Glass,” at Frankfurt, 1997. Allan Holdsworth is on guitar, according to the comment section Gary Novak is on drums, and I can’t find out who is on bass.

I usually flatter myself that I have moderately good music knowledge, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know about Allan Holdsworth until about a week ago, when he was referenced on one of Rick Beato‘s fine videos.

Jiro Inagaki & Funky Stuff

Jiro Inagaki and Soul Media, Funky Stuff (1975).

Hiromasa Suzuki (arrangement, electric piano), Hajime Ishimatsu (drums), Akira Okazawa (electric bass), Hiroshi Yasukawa (guitar), Jiro Inagaki (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, production), Takashi Imai (trombone). A new find for me, tossed up via the algorithms of the T’Oobs. Tight playing!

Jaco & Opus Pocus

“Opus Pocus” by Jaco Pastorius. This is a demo tape recording made in 1974 which is included on the posthumous album The Early Years Recordings (2006).

Don’t quote me on this, but I think the personnel is: Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Herbie Hancock (keyboards), Othello Molineaux (steel drums), Leroy Williams (steel drums), Lenny White (drums), Don Alias (percussion).