Jaco & Havona & 1975

I’m happy to stumble across this recording. Jaco Pastorius plays “Havona” in 1975, two years before it came out with Weather Report on Heavy Weather (1977). Alex Darqui (piano), Jaco Pastorius (fretless bass), and the incredible Lenny White (drums). Thanks for putting this up, E256JAZZ!

Weather Report & Live & River People

Weather Report, “River People” by Jaco Pastorius. Performed in Offenbach, Germany, 1978.

Jaco Pastorius (bass), Wayne Shorter (soprano sax), Joseph Zawinul (keyboard, synthesizers), Peter Erskine (drums). Wow, I like this even better than the studio version in Mr. Gone.

Jaco & Opus Pocus

“Opus Pocus” by Jaco Pastorius. This is a demo tape recording made in 1974 which is included on the posthumous album The Early Years Recordings (2006).

Don’t quote me on this, but I think the personnel is: Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Herbie Hancock (keyboards), Othello Molineaux (steel drums), Leroy Williams (steel drums), Lenny White (drums), Don Alias (percussion).

Consecration Day 6 & Fusion Interlude & Weather Report & River People

Weather Report live, “River People,” Offenbach, Germany 1978. Jaco Pastorius (bass and composition), Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (soprano sax), Peter Erskine (drums). I’m fond of the studio version on Mr. Gone (1978), but I actually like this live version better because they get a monster groove going, and nice recording quality.

Now to the main business at hand, the text for Total Consecration is here, with video here:

Jaco Revisited & Punk Jazz

From Jaco Pastorius Big Band: Word of Mouth Revisited, a Jaco Pastorius tribute album (2003) that has been featured earlier. There are no bad cuts on this album, at all.

Richard Bona channels Jaco on bass, with Mike Scaglione soloing on tenor sax, and Mark Griffith on Drums. Music by Jaco Pastorius, with orchestration and arrangement by Larry Warrilow and Peter Graves. Woodwinds: Billy Ross, Ed Calle, Gary Keller, Mike Brignola. Brass: Jeff Kievett, Jason Gardner, Ken Faulk Dana Teboe, John Kricker. Peter Graves directs.