A Bing at BoFN

A modest contribution over at BoFN, just because Fannie’s doing the heavy lifting over there and I thought I might pitch in for her, for Dave, and for the rest of the crew.


Pentecost Music & Veni Creator Spiritus & Mahler & No. 8

London Philharmonic Choir and London Philharmonic Orchestra, Tiffin School Boys’ Choir, directed by Klaus Tennstedt (1986). Soloists : Elizabeth Connell, Edith Wiens, Felicity Lott (sopranos), Trudliese Schmidt, Nadine Denize (mezzosopranos), Richard Versalle (tenor), Jorma Hynninen (baritone), Hans Sotin (bass).

ADDENDUM: Must be vinyl. The record skips in a handful of places. Amazing lack of pops and fizzes otherwise, though, if this is vinyl.

Consecration Day 32 & Evans and Hall & 600th Post

“Romain,” from Undercurrent (1962). Bill Evans (piano), Jim Hall (guitar).

32nd day of Consecration preparation, 6th day of the 12th month of the 15th year of the millennium, and the 600th post on this blog. It all has to mean something, I’m just not sure what . . .

Consecration text here. Video here:

Consecration Day 30 & Miles Davis Quintet & All Blues

“All Blues,” from My Funny Valentine, live performance at Lincoln Center (1964), New York City. Miles Davis (trumpet), George Coleman (sax), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Tony Williams (drums).

Text for Consecration here. Video here:

Consecration Day 28 & Ravel & Quartet & First Movement

Maurice Ravel, String Quartet in F major (1903), first movement (Allegro moderato — Très doux). The Fine Arts Quartet (1986). Ralph Evans and Efim Boico, violins; Wolfgang Laufer, cello; Jerry Horner, viola.

Day 28 Consecration text here. Video here: