Tatsuro Yamashita & Sparkle

From the album For You (1982).

Tatsuro Yamashita (electric guitar, electric piano, percussion, backing vocals, writing & arranging), Minako Yoshida (lyrics, backing vocals), Shunzo Sunahara (baritone saxophone), Kohki Itoh (bass), Jun Aoyama (drums), Hiroyuki Namba (piano, synthesizer), Takeru Muraoka (tenor saxophone), Shigeharu Mukai and Tadanori Konakawa (trombone), Masahiro Kobayashi, Susumu Kazuhara (trumpet).

Herbie Hancock & Space Captain

Recording session of “Space Captain” (written by Matthew Moore, popularized by Joe Cocker in 1970), with Herbie Hancock and other greats.

Herbie Hancock (piano), Susan Tedeschi (lead/backup vocals), Derek Trucks (slide guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass, backup vocals), Kofi Burbridge (organ, backup vocals), Mike Mattison (backup vocals), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums). Epic “trading fours” back and forth between piano and slide from 3:34.

Jaco Pastorius & C.C. Riders & Rice Pudding

A very young Jaco was nurturing some amazing chops while touring with Wayne Cochran and C.C. Riders (1972). Song by Charlie Brent.

I got this about half a year ago. It’s a fantastic album with a lot of varied stuff, and I highly recommend it, even with the suboptimal recording quality (almost none of it was professional). A lot still comes out with the sound, including some great live energy.