Tatsuro Yamashita & Sparkle

From the album For You (1982).

Tatsuro Yamashita (electric guitar, electric piano, percussion, backing vocals, writing & arranging), Minako Yoshida (lyrics, backing vocals), Shunzo Sunahara (baritone saxophone), Kohki Itoh (bass), Jun Aoyama (drums), Hiroyuki Namba (piano, synthesizer), Takeru Muraoka (tenor saxophone), Shigeharu Mukai and Tadanori Konakawa (trombone), Masahiro Kobayashi, Susumu Kazuhara (trumpet).

Christmas Eve & Tatsuro Yamashita & and the Classic Japan Railway CMs

The unforgettable 1983 Christmas classic.

This song also became the theme for the bullet train “Christmas Express” commercials (1998-1992), one of the most romantic CM campaigns ever, compiled here:

This is the English version of the song. A bit lost in translation, but it’s still good:

Addendum: I just noticed a detail in the first JR CM. You can see the breath/steam of the boyfriend hiding behind the station platform pillar at 0:18-0:19, before he appears to surprise his girlfriend. Nice touch!