Bass at BoFN

If you’re interested, I’m covering the bases with alphabetically based bass over at BoFN.

Far from Any Road & BoFN Post

I like the opening theme to True Detective Season 1, “Far from Any Road,” and put up a post at the Blog of Funny Names on Brett and Rennie Sparks, who wrote and perform it. From the album Singing Bones (2003).

BoFN Contribution

I’m now a very rare and infrequent poster at BoFN (**cough cough** because someone changed the theme **cough cough** and it seems like you have to be like a computer programmer or something now to **cough cough** put the Officially Specified BoFN Caption[tm] under the photos **cough cough**) but I just put up a post. Check it out if you’re a jazz fan!

Epic Rap Battle at BoFN

Yeah. Uh-huh. Check it out. This is what’s going down, see?

News flash! Things are really heating up at
over at the BoFN.
Dave and Arto got some issues.
There’s been some shoutin’ and more than a little scoffin’.
So head on over and check it out.
You might find yourself bemused or amused.
But trigger warning! It aint pretty over there,
especially if your soul’s easily abused.