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Paul Jackson & Mike Clark & Funk Vamps

I’ve been working to put together the definitive Kyary Pamyu Pamyu post, but I’m not happy with how it looks. I’m probably spending way too much time on that to be considered a normal or balanced individual, and we’ll probably all be glad when it’s over. That probably helps explain what will be an odd series of posts today.

As if people were thinking, “A drummer and bass player doing nothing but funk vamps for about 10 minutes? Of course! Duh! Why else would I surf the net? And Mahler’s Adagietto? Who wouldn’t want to listen to that? Why, I’ve been waiting all day to get online just so I could go and listen to the slow, soft, looooooooonnnnnggggg and somber theme music to Death in Venice! It’s a no brainer! Oh, and look, I can also stare at a photo of a sunset for 11 minutes. Wow! This is, like, such an amazing Internet experience. Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice, there? Hm?

Mike Clark and Paul Jackson were the rhythm section for most of the short lifetime of Herbie Hancock’s legendary Head Hunters ensemble, though the album Head Hunters itself had a different drummer. These two were on Thrust and were essential to making it the Head Hunters’ best album and probably the definitive funk album.

The genesis of this post was a post by Nightsky showing bassist Carol Kaye at work. It made me realize I love listening just to rhythm sections, and reminded me of this clip, which I listen to frequently.

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