The Girl from Ipanema & Slight Return

Earlier I bemoaned the fact that there was not a complete version of this haunting, dreamy version of “The Girl from Ipanema” by Martina DeSilva and Adam Neely.

Then AzsaturnDX kindly posted a link to the complete version, which is now officially my favorite forever.

Zomby Woof & Zappa H@ll&w<<n Sp<c^@l

My blog mentor Nightskyradio has launched his annual Rocktober series, which is a slow burner this year. I’m picking up the vibe, plus I notice the moon’s approaching the full zone, so I offer Frank Zappa’s “Zomby Woof,” from Over-nite Sensation (1973).

Zappa (vocals, guitar), Ricky Lancelotti (vocals), Sal Marquez (trumpet), Ian Underwood (winds), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Ruth Underwood (vibes, marimba), Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), George Duke (keyboards), Tom Fowler (bass), Ralph Humphrey (drums), Tina Turner and the Ikettes (back vocals). Surprised to hear, after all these years, it was Tina Turner back there doing some of those vocals . . .

Sunday Music & Nektaria Karantzi & Vassilis Tsabropoulos

“You are with me” by Vassilis Tsabropoulos (piano) with Nektaria Karantzi (vocals), from the album Eleison (2016), available at Amazon. The text is the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” sung in Greek.

The Lord of glory is my shepherd; I shall lack nothing
In lush pastures He makes me lie
Besides tranquil waters He leads me
My soul He restores
Through I walk to the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
For You are with me
(May) I shall dwell in the House of The Lord, for all the days of my true life

RIP Martin Balin & Today

R.I.P. Martin Balin (born Martin Jerel Buchwald) January 30, 1942 – September 27, 2018, founder of Jefferson Airplane and (with Grace Slick) one of its lead singers. This is “Today” from Surrealistic Pillow (1967).

Marty Balin (lead vocals and I’m guessing guitar), Grace Slick (vocals), Jack Casady (bass), Spencer Dryden (drums, percussion), Jerry Garcia (lead guitar). It shows my ignorance, of course, but I had no idea Jerry Garcia appeared on this album. He also is listed as “spiritual advisor” in the credits. Sounds about right.

Flora Purim & Stan Getz

Recorded on French TV in 1969.

This is one of those posts that I guess only jazz freaks like me and reader/blogger dblbasscleff are going to be into, but still . . . Flora with Stan Getz?? With Jack DeJohnette on drums??? And Miroslav Vitous on bass??? (Stanley Cowel, who I don’t know, is on piano). Stan Getz is pretty much the least interesting thing happening here, though the most famous at the time.

This is like watching giants of tennis play table tennis (not that there’s anything wrong with table tennis). So much waiting to be unleashed from Flora, Jack, and Miroslav, but you’d hardly suspect it. I love seeing Flora with the Austin Powers era look, and fun to watch her play guitar. I guess she was taking the mantle from Astrud Gilberto here, but only a few short years later she’s let her hair down, has gone wild, and is doing the Return to Forever classics.