Sunday Music & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis & Three and One

“Three and One” from Presenting Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra (1966). Straining for a Sunday connection here, I’ll go with “very rough summary of the doctrine of the Trinity.”

Thad Jones (flugelhorn), Mel Lewis (drums), Hank Jones (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Jerome Richardson (saxophone), Jerry Dodgion (saxophone), Joe Farrell (saxophone), Eddie Daniels (saxophone), Pepper Adams (saxophone), Richard Williams (trumpet), Danny Stiles (trumpet), Bill Berry (trumpet), Jimmy Nottingham (trumpet), Bob Brookmeyer (trombone), Jack Rains (trombone), Tom McIntosh (trombone), Cliff Heather (trombone).


Consummation & Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra

From Consumation (1970). Great album.

Thad Jones (flugelhorn, composer, arranger, bandleader), Snooky Young, Danny Moore, Al Porcino, Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Eddie Bert, Benny Powell, Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Cliff Heather (bass trombone), Jerome Richardson (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, alto flute), Jerry Dodgion (alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, alto flute), Billy Harper (tenor saxophone, flute), Eddie Daniels (tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute), Richie Kamuca (baritone saxophone), Roland Hanna (keyboards), Richard Davis (bass), Mel Lewis (drums), Jimmy Buffington, Earl Chapin, Dick Berg, Julius Watkins (french horn), Howard Johnson (tuba). Thanks to Youtuber Florian Meier.

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis & Suite for Pops

Part One, “Meetin’ Place.” Possibly from 1973. “Pops” is Louis Armstrong.

The explosion from 1:00-1:20 makes me want to scream like a teeny bopper at a Beatles concert.

This band is packed with giants but I can’t identify them as well as I’d like. Thad Jones leads the band, then there’s Mel (drums), Walter Norris (keyboards), George Mraz (bass), and a whole bunch of greats on all the horns including probably Cecil Bridgewater, Bob Brookmeyer, Pepper Adams, Jerry Dodgion, Jon Faddis, Billy Harper, and Jimmy Knepper.

A Child Is Born & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis

Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, from Consumation (1970).

I have this CD. A classic. The other cuts are great, too, albeit more smoking. Thad Jones (flugelhorn, arrange), Snooky Young, Danny Moore, Al Porcino, Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Eddie Bert, Benny Powell, Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Cliff Heather (bass trombone), Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Billy Harper, Eddie Daniels (flute), Richie Kamuca (clarinet), Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Roland Hanna (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Mel Lewis (drums).

Us & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis

From a tv performance in Japan (must have been the 70s).

Dashikis are way out of style, but the music lives on! Composed, arranged and conducted by Thad Jones. Mel Lewis on drums. The band is full of giants, and I can’t really identify them, but Pepper Adams does the baritone sax solo. Roland Hanna is on piano. Don’t know who is playing bass or doing the soprano solo, but I should.

I have this in the studio version on CD with slightly different personnel, the album Consumation (1970). Great album!

Thad Jones Mel Lewis & Love and Harmony

What some regard as the best big band combo ever, and certainly my fave. This is one of their soft numbers. (But when they cook, they really cook.)

The intro is long and will probably bore most, but I love the transition that kicks in at 1:56. This is a wistful and nostalgic piece for me, though I can’t figure out what it would be nostalgic about since I only discovered it about half a year ago.

I was surprised to learn recently that Thad Jones was the brother of drummer Elvin Jones and pianist Hank Jones. Something runs in the family.