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Off Time and BoFN Post Next Week

wdydfae will be away for a bit less than two weeks, and will probably not be connected much or at all during that time. I wish all wdydfae droppers-by well! Please keep your eyes peeled for a post scheduled to appear here at the Blog of Funny Names on Tuesday, September 3. I won’t be around then but it goes up automatically. It’s about a multiple-funny-named person of some note and you might enjoy it!

About wdydfae

Parasitizing YouTube and guest posting on BoFN for more than a decade.

2 responses to “Off Time and BoFN Post Next Week

  1. wdydfae

    Thanks for the thought, Sis! I’m back but I think will be on a limited posting schedule as I try to navigate accumulated real life stuff. I like the avatar but I still fondly recall the red shoes . . .

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